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Bellringing links

I have no bellringing pages of my own, but here are some links.

BBC Radio 4 resources

For all those interested in Radio 4

BBC Radio 4's The Archers links

Radio 4's definitive fly on the wall documentary can be heard in England on 92-94FM, other parts of the UK on 105FM and 198LW at 1400 and 1900 every weekday, and Sunday and in an omnibus edition on Sunday mornings at 1015. If that isn't enough, the following links should help.

Pink Links

The Web sports great opportunites for minorities such as homosexuals, who, whilst many, are often isolated. Here are a very few links that should help find the tip of the iceberg as regards gay internet. Please note that although none of the links below leads directly to pornographic material, if you click around long enough you'll find some. And if you're connecting to the web via a British University internet connection, remember that viewing pornography is against JANET's Acceptable Use Policy and may bring TPTB crashing down on your head.

Humour on the Web

There's plenty on the web to make you chuckle, and there's no way I can list it all here. The few I list here are the few that really make me LOL (laugh out loud) again and again.

Online shopping

Yeah, yeah, credit card forgery, I know, blah blah. I do online shopping fairly often, and I haven't got stung yet. And, according to Amazon, they know of no-one who has... Safe? Make up your own mind. And bear in mind that if some stray entry does appear on your next statement, you can always query it and refuse to pay it. That's what credit cards are for! I have shopped at all the sites quoted below.

Preiswert Downloadables

If you use shareware software, you should pay for it. Below are some links to shareware sites for some really excellent apps that are more than worth their registration fees.

Other people's home pages, and sundry pages of note.

These are just pages around I have found interesting. Have a look if you like. Mail me to include yours.

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